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Buy an F-150, get a free AK-47!

Posted by Clifford Atiyeh  July 21, 2009 04:35 PM

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A Missouri car dealer is giving away vouchers for a free AK-47 assault rifle with the purchase of a pickup truck.

But it's not the first time Max Motors, which sells Chrysler, Ford, and GM vehicles, has had a gun promotion. Last year, according to the New York Times, the dealer gave its buyers a choice: a $250 gas card, or $250 toward a gun purchase. Few took the gas.

Listen to owner Mark Muller's story in the video above, or better yet, check out the Flash graphics on his website.

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19 comments so far...
  1. This is the most American thing since we kicked those lazy Injuns off their land to build productive farms and cities. Guns are awesome and harmless.

    Posted by Mark D. July 21, 09 10:56 PM
  1. According to O'brian Conan, if you come in to that dealer w/ an ak-47 you'll get a pickup truck for free.

    Posted by Anonymous July 22, 09 07:42 AM
  1. excellent...nice to know the spirit of america lives on someplace.

    Posted by FJ July 22, 09 08:14 AM
  1. Are they bringing this to Boston? I need to be able to defend myself against the local militia oops i mean the Boston police and their M-16s

    Posted by steven July 22, 09 09:36 AM
  1. The minivans come with a free kid already strapped in to the carseat.

    Posted by Archer July 22, 09 09:44 AM
  1. This sucker's going on Twitter! @theRSL

    Posted by Ryan July 22, 09 10:00 AM
  1. THIS is so awesome! Too bad "gun" is a bad word here in Mass.

    Posted by no July 22, 09 10:38 AM
  1. There'll be fireworks in Missouri! Disagreements and debts will be settled, weddings will be done before the babies come (not after), right-wing gov't-and-immigrant-hating militias will grow, and people disliked will be six feet under. Who needs cops?

    Posted by Milo Blankenstern July 22, 09 12:00 PM
  1. Sounds good, support the Second Amendment and Homeland Security at the same time! Cool. They should do that here - I would love to watch the liberal socialists rant and rave all about it!

    Posted by JD July 22, 09 12:55 PM
  1. I'm going to trade in the gun voucher for a sword.

    Posted by Andy July 22, 09 01:00 PM
  1. How long before someone gets killed with one of these things and the dealer gets sued?

    Posted by steve July 22, 09 05:33 PM
  1. The way things are going in MA you won't be allowed to buy an F150, never mind an AK47... both kill, ya know what I mean

    Posted by Som Mos July 22, 09 06:20 PM
  1. Agreed, the truck IS more of a safety problem -- since it's being driven buy a guy who's dumb and insecure enough to need an AK-47. And he's probably on the phone.

    Posted by John July 22, 09 11:15 PM
  1. Hey, toss in a few cases of Bud and a couple of bottles of Jack and it's not a vehicle you're buying, it's a lifestyle!

    Posted by Off-Road-Trucker July 23, 09 08:17 AM
  1. Now that I think about it, this is not that unusual.

    In california when customers lease the limited release Honda Clarity hydrogen fuel cell car they get a free colon cleansing. And you don't here them complaining.

    I wouldn't be surprised if in MA we get free MassPike transponders. Oh wait...LOL

    Posted by GrabberOrange1 July 23, 09 08:59 AM
  1. Osama bin Laden uses AK-47's.

    Posted by morningthief July 23, 09 08:14 PM
  1. Actually when you purchase and new GM or Chrysler, but not Ford(Feds don't own that one) you will get 10 shots at a Ted Kennedy Wack a Mole. If you dislodge the tumor you get a tax break and Teddy will personally drive you over the bridge to collect.

    Posted by RaY-From-PA July 23, 09 10:02 PM
  1. These loser Republican insecure gun freaks are signing up in support of a free AK-47? Please... does this not make them communists traitors by furthering demand for one of Russia's key socialist tools that has helped spread GOVERNMENT control? Even this liberal Democrat knows those "real" Americans should be buying trucks where you get an God fearing M-16. Made in America baby. Less kick back and more rounds.

    Posted by stock July 23, 09 11:39 PM
  1. Newsflash:
    The police are not obligated to protect you. The moment civil unrest occurs, the good people will beg those good people that are armed to protect them. Just watch the video of wealthy neihborhoods stacking furniture up to block a street in LA during the Rodney King riots while cops protected the police headquarters and refused to respond to calls. As if furniture would have made a difference if armed criminals went up that street...

    Posted by Relikk July 24, 09 02:10 PM

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