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Biofuel Bentley set for Geneva

Posted by Clifford Atiyeh  January 28, 2009 09:03 AM

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Biofuel-powered Bentley

Automotive public relations staff have it down pat. Release a sexy teaser image, provide almost no details, and then have the media drool for a month before they can set eyes on the real thing.

Thank you, Bentley, for that wonderful promotional e-mail this morning. Indeed, we couldn't resist posting a shot of this ethanol-powered Continental coupe, the "most powerful and fastest production car ever" from Crewe. Rich enthusiasts were presented with the GTC Speed earlier this month, but now they may consider a car that should produce around 650 horsepower and likely top 205 miles per hour.

Rumors of gas-electric or diesel Bentleys - despite the marque's love for huge torque curves - are unfounded. A few supercars run on ethanol, like the upcoming Saleen S5S Raptor, the 1018 horsepower Koenigsegg CCXR, and a concept Ferrari F430. We won't delve into the pros and cons of ethanol, but added horsepower from the fuel's higher octane is always nice (the 20 percent drop in mileage is not).

More facts on this super Continental should arrive before the Geneva Auto Show in March.

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18 comments so far...
  1. This car sucks. Returned it to dealer after two weeks!

    Posted by winter08 January 28, 09 12:34 PM
  1. You returned a car, that's not even in production (read: available) yet, back to the dealer? And then you woke up....

    Posted by boss8120 January 28, 09 01:35 PM
  1. This car is OK, but I would probably prefer the power to be generated from a Mr. Fusion instead of ethanol.

    Posted by Marty McFly January 28, 09 02:11 PM
  1. 20% drop in mileage? Upon what is this based? "The myth that alcohol fuel gets only half or two-thirds the mileage of gasoline is often repeated, but no one ever cites any road tests. A properly designed alcohol engine will generate more miles per gallon than a gasoline engine. Alcohol burns at a much faster speed than gasoline, turning more of its energy into work faster, and more of its chemical energy into work rather than waste heat. ...during the 1980s, I personally witnessed several vaporized alcohol engines getting almost double the mileage of gasoline." - David Blume, Alcohol Can Be A Gas, pg. 351-2.

    Posted by David Stein January 28, 09 02:38 PM
  1. hahahaha!!! OWNED!

    Posted by frydae January 28, 09 02:54 PM
  1. When you have my kind of money they are available.

    Posted by winter08 January 28, 09 02:55 PM
  1. ewww, Winter08. How do you have $$$? You write like a 16-year-old.

    Is this an episode of Gossip Girl or something?

    Posted by DavidDancer January 28, 09 04:56 PM
  1. The energy density of premium gasoline is almost 40 MJ/litre while ethanol has an energy density of about 24 MJ/litre. It takes the same amount of energy for the same car to go the same distance at the same speed, so, if you're using ethanol in place of gasoline, you'll need more of it, period. You don't need a road test, a theory, or some mumbo jumbo like alcohol "burns faster" to prove it.

    The real question is why are we still even thinking about these ultra guzlers, which none of us can afford, and our planet does not need.

    Posted by michael January 28, 09 05:05 PM
  1. I am a broker. I engage in arbitrage, specifically oil futures. As I was saying, this car sucks! Returned it after only two weeks!

    Posted by winter08 January 28, 09 08:50 PM
  1. Perfect. A Bentley that runs on Gin.

    Posted by Liam January 28, 09 09:07 PM
  1. Winter08, your retarded. If you really had purchased the car. You would have mentioned why it sucked. P.S. i Agree with both coments Number: 2 and 7.

    Posted by Commets4stupids January 29, 09 01:01 AM
  1. Super, glad to see that you have time in your busy broker schedule to post useless trivial comments. You sound like that crazy Rockefeller guy making stuff up. Spare us your 16 year old fantasies and get back to home room before we return you after only 2 weeks.

    Posted by boss8120 January 29, 09 08:37 AM
  1. Cool car! I drove it in my dreams! :)

    Posted by Bolot January 29, 09 08:46 AM
  1. I am immune to economic downturns and recessionary activity. My schedule is always free. The contracts I locked into two years ago are bearing fruit now. Regardless, my schedule and income are not in question here. The purpose of my post is simple:

    "This car sucks! I returned it to the dealer after two weeks!"

    Posted by Anonymous January 29, 09 09:55 AM
  1. LOL the car hasnt even made it to the Geneve show yet.....not only can NO ONE in the public have one yet, but it hasnt even been driven in public yet....only on closed tracks with security so people cant even SEE it driven, let alond drive it themselves.........looks like the arbitrage oil futures aern't paying well enough....might I suggest you go back to your second job delivering newspapers from you 3 speed.

    Posted by steven January 29, 09 11:16 AM
  1. Pretty sure my butler has one of these. He seems to like it ok.

    Posted by hazel February 2, 09 09:26 PM
  1. I had the previous version that ran on sticks of butter. Couldn't do 205 but it sautéed onions very nicely.

    Posted by Geminate February 2, 09 10:29 PM
  1. fisker karma....check it out. then tell me why honda cant make the same car w/o all the bells and whistles and sell it at a reasonable price. OIL, PHARMA, BANKS RUN THE WORLD!

    Posted by Alex February 3, 09 09:52 AM

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