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Top 10 $100K Cars
Much like the proliferation of McMansions, $100,000 cars are often purchased more as stylish status symbols than for their substance, although each of these cars offers plenty of both. Cars that made the list had to sticker between $100,000 and $200,000 and go above and beyond pedestrian luxury cars in terms of style, performance and attitude.

#1. 2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Price: Starting MSRP $169,990

Details: The No. 1 slot: The best of one of the brands that has redefined the segment. The two-door Bentley Continental GT broke things open for the British coach builder with its most famous owner — Paris Hilton — getting them plenty of free publicity. But it's the four-door Flying Spur that is the epitome of how much exotic luxury you can get for your money. About $170,000 of your money, that is. Even though Bentley is churning out more Continentals than any other model, they're still hand-built and can be custom ordered down to the wood grain, leather pigmentation and shoe size. OK, maybe not shoe size... See more photos and information on this vehicle
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