Government Center Garage redevelopment plan revised

The company behind the massive Government Center Garage redevelopment in downtown Boston is reducing the height of two of the project’s main buildings in response to concerns voiced by neighbors.

HYM Investment Group will cut its main office building to 528 feet from 600 feet and will nearly slice in half the size of a hotel condominium building along the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. That building will be trimmed to 157 feet from 275 feet.

“Combined, these changes and other modifications will lessen the impacts of the project,” HYM wrote in a new filing released Monday by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. “The project changes result in a reduction in shadows, a minor reduction in traffic as well as associated air emissions and parking demand.”

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The project would still result in a towering redevelopment of the nine-story Government Center Garage, which forms a barrier between the city’s downtown and the West End and North End neighborhoods. The revised plan includes the construction of six new buildings with hundreds of residences, 196 new hotel rooms, 1.1 million square feet of office sapce and several new stores and restaurants.

While the overall size of the project was reduced, the number of residences increased to 812 from 771 because more of its space will be devoted to residential uses.

In recent weeks, some neighbors have raised concerns about the height of buildings that abut the low-rise Bulfinch Triangle area and public parks along the Greenway.

In addition to reducing the size of the office and hotel buildings, HYM is also accelerating the timetable for part of the project that involves the demolition of the Government Center Garage. That work was initially schedule in phase three but is now planned to occur in phase two.

Some of the garage will be retained, but its number of spaces will be reduced to 1,159 from the current 2,300.

HYM is planning to start construction of its first building, a 480-foot residential tower, next year. It still need approvals from the Boston Redevelopment Authority and other city agencies.