New Yankee Candle line salutes BC, other colleges

What scent best evokes the spirit of Boston College? The fragrance of black cherries, it turns out.

Photo taken from the Yankee Candle website.

Yankee Candle Co. of Deerfield said Tuesday that it is teaming with Collegiate Licensing Co. LLC to roll out a collegiate-themed candle line, and BC is one of several schools that is being celebrated with a $28 jar candle filled with perfumed wax. Typically, the candle jars are adorned with a school’s sports logo. (The BC candle features an eagle, and a razorback is rampant on the candle jar for the University of Arkansas.)

‘‘Our fans are as enthusiastic about showing their school pride as their love for Yankee Candle,’’ Hope Margala Klein, Yankee Candle executive vice president of brand, innovation, and merchandising, said in a statement. ‘‘By offering the Fan Candle Collegiate Collection, we can now offer the best of both worlds for our biggest fans!’’

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A quick scan of the company’s press release prompted this question: How were candle scents matched to particular colleges? Why, for example, did candle artisans select “vineyard” as the scent for Louisiana State University, “fruit fusion” for Auburn, and “spiced pumpkin” for Illinois? And why was black cherry chosen for BC?

In an e-mail, a Yankee Candle spokeswoman wrote: “It was a very important part in our development process to use classic Yankee Candle fragrances that best represented the school colors. The BC candle was developed with our true to life Yankee Candle Black Cherry fragrance, and the label represents the BC logo and colors.”

In any event, black cherry seems to be one popular scent. According to Yankee Candle’s website, it is not only the scent for BC, but also for the University of Alabama and Florida State University. (Similar colors, maybe?)

The Yankee Candle press release notes that a University of Massachusetts candle is in the works, but its scent has already been chosen.

“UMass will be represented by the classic Yankee Candle fragrance Midsummer’s Night,” the company spokeswoman said in her e-mail.