Relevant24 and Doritos take a bite out of ‘Shark Week’

“This week, the snacker becomes the snack.” Relevant24 ad for Doritos.
“This week, the snacker becomes the snack.” Relevant24 ad for Doritos.

In the old days when TV ads were the business of Madison Avenue and smartphones had low IQs, Don Draper-types could craft marketing campaigns in such leisurely fashion that there was plenty of down-time for three-martini lunches and the sneaky doing of the reprehensible (to filch a phrase from novelist J.P. Donleavy).

Not anymore. Between the Internet and social media, marketing content has to be generated on the fly, and churning out effective real-time ads is one goal of Relevant24, a Boston agency with 30 employees.

One Relevant24 client is Doritos. On behalf of the snack-food brand, Relevant24’s “pulse editors” are continually trolling social media to monitor what’s gobbling up the mindshare of consumers between the ages of 14 and 25, the core customer demographic of Doritos, says Relevant24 chief executive Marc Gallucci.

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Photo taken from Doritos website.

If reading what’s on music and video-game blogs is part of the intelligence gathering process, the next step is to use that information to quickly develop “relevant content marketing.” According to Gallucci, relevant content marketing seeks to find the sweet spot where the pop culture conversation and an advertiser’s brand message neatly converge, Gallucci said.

From their social media monitoring, Relevant24’s pulse editors knew that “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel is hugely popular with the Doritos demographic. (”Shark Week” is unfolding even as we speak.)

And so on Sunday, Relevant24 unveiled the image that appears with this post on Doritos’ Facebook page and Twitter feed, among other places.

Below the image is this line, “This week, the snacker becomes the snack.” That line appears along with the Doritos tagline, “For the Bold.”

In a statement, Gallucci said, “This is the perfect use of ‘Pro Active Content,’ which is content built around events we can anticipate, giving a brand the opportunity to achieve cultural relevance without waiting for something to happen.”

Later Gallucci added that Relevant24 typically produces between eight and 15 pieces of relevant content for Doritos every month.

“Sometimes,” he said, “we’ll do a piece a day.”