Boston eclipsed by Atlanta when it comes to tipping for take-out food delivery

If your job is delivering take-out food, you’ll make more money in Atlanta than in the Hub.

So suggests a new survey from Boston-based Foodler, an online service that allows chowhounds to use their smartphones to order restaurant fare for home delivery. On its website, Foodler claims that consumers can use its site to place free online orders at nearly 13,000 restaurants located in a range of cities from Chicago and Dallas to San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

A take-out dessert that can be ordered from Foodler’s website. Photo taken from Foodler’s website.

According to the survey, there are neighborhoods in Atlanta where consumers tip as much as 20 percent on delivery orders. But Boston folks are apparently far more gentle with a buck.

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In ranking the top 10 cities for tipping generosity, Foodler ranked Altanta first, and Boston 10th, Foodler said. The company said it based its rankings on an analysis of “tipping data across all major metropolitan areas.”

Herewith Foodler’s ranking of metro areas by tipping generosity:

1. Atlanta

2. Baltimore

3. New York

4. Washington, D.C.

5. Philadelphia

6. Chicago

7. San Francisco

8. Seattle

9. Providence

10. Boston