Burger consumption surges as consumers crave ‘better burgers,’ Technomic survey finds

Graphic taken from Technomic’s website.
Graphic taken from Technomic’s website.

Vegans may want to lie down and elevate their feet --- because a new survey shows that consumers “are eating burgers more often than ever before.”

The survey is from a restaurant consulting firm from Chicago called Technomic Inc., which studies the eating habits of diners at casual and fast-food restaurants.

According to the survey, 95 percent of respondents said they eat burgers at least once a month. And “cravings are driving this high consumption,” Technomic said.

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The so-called “Better Burger” trend is one reason why consumers can’t seem to get enough of ground beef.

In a statement, Technomic executive vice president Darren Tristano offered some insights into the “better burger” trend.

“Burger-chain value menus are evolving from a sub-$1 pricing model to one that emphasizes high quality, variety, and craveability for a low price,” Tristano said. “The ‘better burger’ sector continues to thrive in the overall burger category and that shows no signs of stopping. As the burger category evolves, consumer demands are changing. Consumers expect ‘something extra’ when dining out, and better burgers—with quality ingredients and customer-chosen toppings or specialty preparations—can really help deliver that as part of a solid value equation.”

No question, carnivorous consumers want a solid value equation with their burgers --- not to mention a grain of salt and some artisanal ketchup.