Rattle earns its stripes with graphics design for Patriot ‘thrill boat’

Image taken from the Flagship Cruises & Events website.
Image taken from the Flagship Cruises & Events website.

Beverly ad agency Rattle said it has been tapped to give a distinctive graphic look to a new “thrill boat” that will soon be plying the waters off San Diego.

The boat, known as the Patriot, will join the fleet of a company called Flagship Cruises & Events. Want to enjoy brunch, get married, or goggle at whales on San Diego Bay? Then Flagship Cruises claims to have the appropriate vessel for all your sea-faring needs.

The Patriot is described as “a high-speed water-borne tourist attraction.” It is currently being completed in a New Jersey shipyard and is scheduled to go into service on San Diego Bay in August.

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The Rattle team of creative director Joe Higgins and illustrator Brendan Baynard designed the graphics for the Patriot.

Rattle said it was chosen based on their history of working with Ocean Rockets, a New Jersey-based adventure powerboat builder that built and provided the ‘Codzilla’ thrill boat operated by Boston Harbor Cruises. That thrill boat ride was designed by Rattle in 2007.