Fluent, a firm that helps brands market to ‘college millennials,’ moves to larger Hub offices

Fluent, a firm that helps brands such as Macy’s connect with college students, has a new name and a new larger office in Boston.

The firm, which was previously known as Campus Entertainment, said it has moved from an 800-square-foot office in Charlestown to 4,800-square-foot space on Kingston Street --- space once occupied by the defunct Boston ad agency Modernista.

Fluent said it started the year with 21 employees, including 12 in Boston. The current headcount is 38, with 24 of them in Boston.

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According to fluent, its specialty is “translating brands for the college world” --- hence the new name, the agency claims to be fluent in the language of so-called “college millennials,” or consumers who are college students between the ages of 18 and 24.

Fluent said it has done work for Microsoft, Zipcar, Kotex, Dove, and L’Oreal as well as Macy’s.

In the case of Macy’s, fluent said it helped the department-store chain with a recent national tour of various college campuses. The objective was to highlight key merchandise and “aspects of Macy’s brand story” that would “resonate with college millennials.”

One reason why Macy’s and other brands might turn to fluent is because of fluent’s affiliation with the National Association for Campus Activities, or NACA. As a result of that affiliation, fluent said that it can get “insider access” for its clients to nearly 1,000 college and university campuses and their students.

In part, fluent is growing because many brands are devoting more of their marketing budgets to targeting college millennials, executive vice president Michael Carey said in an e-mail.

Chief executive Chip Rives commented on the firm’s relocation to Kingston Street in a statement.

“Our greater breadth and depth of services fully support brand clients that want to understand and engage college millennials nationwide, ensuring they truly are ‘fluent’ in millennial language and lifestyles,” Rives said. “It’s a new era for us, with a bigger team as well as new and larger office space to house all four service offerings within our base of operations.”