Harmonix new game based on Disney’s Fantasia

Harmonix Music Systems, the Cambridge company that launched the music videogame craze with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, is developing a new game that will allow players to control the tone and tempo of popular tunes.

“Fantasia: Music Evolved” is co-developed by the Walt Disney Co., and inspired by the 1940 Disney film in which Mickey Mouse conducts a symphony orchestra in performances of classical music.

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The new game will be available exclusively for Microsoft Corp.’s upcoming Xbox One videogame console and the Xbo 360 with Microsoft’s Kinect technology, which allows users to control games through body movements and hand gestures.

In “Fantasia,” players will use gestures to remix popular songs from artists like Bruno Mars, Queen, Kimbra and Fun. They’ll also be able to customize each song by adding new layers of sound.

“Fantasia: Music Evolved” will be demonstrated next week at the E3 videogame trade show in Los Angeles, and will go on sale sometime next year.