New Arnold ads for ComforPedic mattresses advise folks to sleep smarter

Boston ad agency Arnold Worldwide said it is launching the first national ad campaign for the ComforPedic mattress brand from Simmons.

A dream sequence from a ComforPedic ad.

The mattress is billed as “the better memory foam,” and one subliminal marketing mantra is, “Sleep smarter.” A good night’s sleep does wonders for the IQ, and there’s no better way to get a good night’s sleep than by grabbing some shut-eye on a ComforPedic, ads suggest.

Of as the ComforPedic website puts it: “Smart begins with better sleep. Better sleep begins with ComforPedic.”

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According to Arnold, TV spots feature a “never before seen effect of a bedroom whose walls are actually rear projection screens so that the room literally comes alive with the dreams” of celebrity snoozers who’ve been recruited to appear in the ads.

These “famous sleepers” (as Arnold calls them) include oceanographer Phillippe Cousteau, graph theorist Maria Chudnovsky, and former astronaut Mae Jemison.

Much of the creative work for the campaign was done at Arnold’s New York office.

Other Arnold clients include Fidelity Investments, Jack Daniel’s, Progressive Insurance, and Volvo.