PTC donates $18.8m software gift to BU’s new Engineering Product Innovation Center

PTC Inc., a Needham company specializing in product lifecycle management and computer-aided design software, has given a gift of $18.8 million of its software to Boston University, the school said Friday.

The plan is for the university to use the software in its new Engineering Product Innovation Center, which is also known as EPIC.

Kenneth Lutchen. Photo taken from a BU website.

In a statement, Kenneth Lutchen, BU’s dean of the College of Engineering, said: “The EPIC facility is meant to expose students to how you go from an idea to a manufacturing-ready and deployable product. We want to create engineers that are excited about innovation. PTC is a leader in how product design and development insures leadership in product innovation. PTC recognizes that, through EPIC, PTC can support a realistic design environment that prepares tomorrow’s engineers for advanced product design and management.”

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In a separate statement, PTC executive vice president Michael Campbell added: “I always felt that my engineering education lacked that real-world perspective, that real-world exposure to the challenges, processes, and complexities of collaboration and the sophistication of tools. Now we have a chance to share all of that with students.”