Destination XL rolls out ‘No Man’s Land’ ad campaign

Destination XL Group Inc., the Canton-based haberdasher for large and outsized men, is rolling out a new ad campaign.

For the chap who can easily squeeze his racing lines into off-the-rack sizes, shopping for sporty outfits is no big deal. But for the male with the dimensions of a football nose tackle or an NBA forward, a trip to the clothing store can be a dreaded foray into No Man’s Land.

“No Man’s Land,” in fact, is the title of the company’s new TV and radio ads, which were created with the help of the ad agency Gotham, a company press release said.

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In contrast to the “No Man’s Land” of a mainstream clothing store, a Destination XL store is a low-stress comfort zone where a hefty gent can mix-and-match outfits with flair and panache, ads suggest.

(Many of the company’s stores previously did business under the Casual Male XL nameplate. The company is currently in the process of transitioning from Casual Male XL to focus primarily on its new Destination XL concept.)

“The symbolism of standing in a vacant wasteland of a shopping center, neglected by retailers, hits home for many bigger guys,” company chief executive David Levin said in a statement. “Our mission at Destination XL is to fill this void by offering these guys the widest array of styles, brands, and selections in the sizes they need to help them look and feel their best.”

The new campaign comes as the company accelerates its expansion plan.  Destination XL, which currently has more than 50 stores across the country, said it expects to operate between 105 and 112 stores by the end of the fiscal year, and more than 200 stores by 2016.