Six Flags New England gears up for Saturday’s season opening

The Bizarro ride at Six Flags New England. Photo courtesy of Six Flags.
The Bizarro ride at Six Flags New England. Photo courtesy of Six Flags.

Six Flags New England, the theme park in Agawam, is gearing up for its opening day Saturday, with its Bizarro roller coaster all ready to go.

Six Flag New England’s first official dance crew will kick off opening weekend with three Saturday performances, the park said. And let’s not forget “Pets Overboard,” a live theatrical event that is part of the park’s summer show line-up. The plot for this high-seas adventure? A captain and a crew of critters search for lost treasure.

During opening day weekend, guests who donate six nonperishable food items will receive a special admission price of $20.13. (The regular adult rate is $54.99) A portion of each ticket sold will benefit the Sandy Hook Family Healing Fund. The Sandy Hook Family Healing Fund, established by Newtown parents, is committed to providing immediate and ongoing support to the surviving families of Sandy Hook Elementary children.

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Later this season --- on Memorial Day weekend, in fact --- the park plans to open its new Bonzai Pipelines water slide complex.

A Six Flags press release offered the lowdown on the Bonzai Pipelines: “After reaching the top of the six-story structure, guests will step into the state-of-the-art ‘DrenalineDrop’ launching capsule where the floor drops out beneath them, sending riders free-falling down the slide, twisting and turning before landing in a refreshing splash pool. Riders will surf the 257-foot slide at up to 40 miles per hour.”