Blueprint Medicines to collaborate on cancer drugs with Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, MGH

Blueprint Medicines, a Cambridge company that seeks to harness the potential of cancer genomics, said Tuesday that it is looking to advance its research into potential cancer treatments by collaborating with Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

Launched in 2011 by Third Rock Ventures, a Boston-based venture capital firm focused on the life sciences industry, Blueprint is looking to develop personalized, highly-selective cancer therapies.

To that end, Blueprint has assembled a library of compounds that may have the potential to become personalized cancer therapies focused on specific genetic abnormalities.

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Under the collaborations, Sanger and MGH will utilize this library and screen Blueprint’s compounds against panels of cancer cell lines and evaluate their activity toward particular cancer targets.

This effort could potentially identify new cancer targets for Blueprint’s future drug candidates to focus on.

In a statement, Chris Varma, president and chief executive of Blueprint Medicines, said: “Our discovery process begins with a genomic blueprint of specific patient populations and the utilization of our proprietary genomics platform which rapidly identifies novel targets and potential combination partners. We have now built a pioneering chemical library of novel compounds that covers the majority of the kinome, some of which to be used in this collaboration, with selectivity that far surpasses prior generations of kinase inhibitors.”