University of New Hampshire start-up looks to commercialize anti-fatigue gel

Research from the University of New Hampshire’s chemistry department has resulted in an exclusive license agreement for an anti-fatigue topical energy gel between the university and Wakup Inc., a UNH start-up company, the university said Wednesday.

Image taken from company’s website.

Wakup looks to commercialize the gel, the university said.

According to Wakup, each application of this gel gives a person a “non-caffeinated boost for about an hour.”

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The product has the potential for sharpening the alertness of drowsy drivers and sleepy college students, not to mention drones nodding off in their workplace cubicles, the company suggested.

The technology was originally developed at UNH by Shaojun “Shaw” Yao for his Ph.D. dissertation, the university said.

Tristan Carrier is the licensing manager in UNH’s Office for Research Partnerships and Commercialization.

In a statement, Carrier called Wakup the “most recent example of the innovative and creative research at UNH being used to address a market need. We are eager to work with our researchers to keep growth opportunities like these local and create jobs in the state.”