PETA ranks Gillette Stadium as 2d most vegetarian-friendly venue in the NFL

Grilled veggie flatbread wraps may not be the first thing a New England Patriots fan thinks about when attending a home game, but the wraps are one reason why Gillette Stadium ranked second on a list of vegetarian friendly stadiums.

The “Top 5 Vegetarian-Friendly NFL Stadiums 2012” list was compiled by PETA, an advocacy group formally known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“Pats fans have more mouthwatering vegetarian options than Tom Brady has offensive weapons,” PETA noted on its website.

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James Nolan, Gillette Stadium’s senior vice president of operations, administration, and finance, commented on the PETA designation in a statement.

“We wanted the new menus to reflect the changing taste of our guests,” Nolan said. “Our research suggested that our fans were seeking more vegetarian options. They have been some of our best sellers.”

Among the vegetarian options offered at Gillette Stadium: burgers made from black-beans or grilled portobello mushrooms, along with veggie hot dogs and salads.

So what’s the top vegetarian venue in the National Football League?

According to PETA, it’s Lincoln Financial Field, where fans of the Philadelphia Eagles can watch home games while chowing down on “mock-steak sandwiches” and “seitan briskets.”