Staples: It’s not too soon to think about getting ready for Christmas

You’ll want one of these for the office party. Photo courtesy of Staples Inc.
You’ll want one of these for the office party. Photo courtesy of Staples Inc.

Is procrastination taking a holiday?

Sometimes it seems that way. Many Americans appear to be voting earlier than ever this election season. And well before Halloween, many retailers are already gearing up for the Christmas shopping season.

One example is Staples Inc., the office-supply giant headquartered in Framingham. A company press release this week claims that its Staples Holiday Center will “make the holidays easy” by featuring everything that small businesses and consumers could possibly want to get ready for the season.

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Why such holiday hoopla so early? According to Staples, an informal poll conducted through social media found that a third of respondents said their workplace preparing for the holidays before Thanksgiving.

In a statement, company senior vice president Steve Bussberg said: “Whether it’s planning how to market holiday promotions to customers, or getting all the supplies for the office party, businesses now have one place to turn to make the holidays easy. Staples is launching its Holiday Center earlier than ever, with more products than ever.”

The message behind that statement? Staples will be stocking many of the items that will be on a holiday shopper’s list, from plasma TVs and game consoles to laptops, e-readers, tablets, and personal computers.