Comcast launches Election Central to help voters follow the presidential campaign

Comcast Corp. said it has just launched Election Central, which will enable subscribers to view many of the major events from the presidential campaign on their television sets as well as on their smartphones and tablet computers, at whatever time they choose.

Suppose a political junkie wants to take another look at the recent debate between President Obama and the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. A Comcast TV subscriber could simply go to the on-demand screen and opt to view the debate one more time.

Also available are major speeches from the two conventions as well as commentary from the likes of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and election specials from Saturday Night Live.

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In a statement, Comcast vice president Maggie McLean Suniewick said the goal of Election Central is to make it easy for Comcast subscriber to “stay on top of key moments from the campaign trail, whether they’re at home or on the move.”