Many local McDonald’s plan to give away some free coffee next week

McDonald’s said participating New England restaurants will be giving away some free coffee next week in honor of National Coffee Day.

The plan calls for the restaurants to offer the chain’s Newman’s Own Organics coffee from Sept. 23 through Sept. 29. The free coffee will be served in the chain’s small size cups. Only hot coffee is being given away. Here’s the good news: No purchase is necessary.

“No strings attached – just visit McDonald’s and enjoy a free small McDonald’s coffee at one of our restaurants in the New England area,” Nicole DiNoia, communications manager for McDonald’s Boston Region, said in a statement.

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When thinking about joe-on-the-go in these parts, Dunkin’ Donuts can often be top of mind. But McDonald’s, a chain more associated with hamburgers than hot beverages, seems intent on taking a crack at winning over some local coffee lovers.

There may be good news for both chains. According to some industry data, coffee consumption may be up as coffee has broken out of the morning routine to become more of an all-day drink.

In its press release, McDonald’s cited data from the 2012 National Coffee Drinking Trends report. A take-away from the report: Coffee has moved “solidly ahead of soft drinks” as a consumer preference.