Adidas: Reebok will sharpen its focus as a fitness brand

The corporate parent of Reebok International Ltd. told an investor conference that it will continue to position Reebok as the fitness brand that caters to such categories as fitness running, gym, yoga, and dance.

Canton-based Reebok is now owned by Adidas, the German footwear giant. Earlier this month, Reebok disclosed that it had reorganized its senior management and eliminated the position of global president.

Adidas said it is reducing Reebok’s sales target, in part because it was decided not to renew Reebok’s licensing agreement with the National Football League.

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In a statement, Reebok chief marketing officer Matt O’Toole said: “Our razor-sharp focus on fitness will allow us to capture the hearts and minds of all fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Our new category structure will already bring more focus and a deeper product offering and will provide better commercial opportunities as we turn the corner into 2013.”

Earlier this month, Uli Becker, who was named in 2008 to oversee Reebok’s business around the world, was given a new title: president of Reebok North America.

The management change at Reebok followed months of disappointing earnings.