Six Flags New England to add a big new water-slide complex to its line-up of rides

Six Flags New England announced plans Thursday to add Bonzai Pipelines, a 65-foot tall water-slide complex featuring six drop hatch slides, to its theme park in Agawam next spring.

Bonzai Pipelines will join the park’s existing line-up of 27 slides, pools, and attractions.

According to Six Flags, Bonzai Pipelines will feature six looping slides set atop a 65-foot tower. After reaching the top of the tower, thrill-seekers will step into the ‘DrenalineDrop launching capsule. The floor will then drop out beneath them, sending them free-falling down the slide, twisting and turning before landing in a splash run-out. Riders will surf the 257-foot slide at up to 40 miles per hour.

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Bonzai Pipelines is scheduled to open in the spring of 2013, Six Flags said.