TSA moves to fire 6 bag screeners, suspend 14 at Logan

The Transportation Security Administration has moved to fire six bag-screening officers at Logan International Airport for violating inspection procedures for checked luggage and suspend 14 others for inattention to duty, agency officials said.

The action was triggered by a routine audit that showed some officers weren’t paying close attention to computer monitors that display the contents of each bag as it is screened by an explosive detection machine, TSA officials said. The screeners were distracted by their cellphones and other electronic devices, according to the TSA.

Others ignored protocols to hand-inspect bags that triggered alarms. Bags containing dense objects, such as clay or cheese, can set off alarms. If an officer can’t determine what the object is on-screen, the bag is supposed to be brought into the screening room for further inspection.

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No dangerous materials got through the detection system as a result of the agents’ behavior, the TSA said.

The TSA has 1,280 officers and 23 managers at Logan. All of the agents in line to be fired or suspended worked in the same baggage room—one of 10 at the airport. They have seven days to appeal the findings.

TSA officials said the proposed terminations and suspensions are unrelated to the inquiry into allegations of racial profiling by TSA behavior detection officers at Logan.