Microsoft opens Boston store

Microsoft Corp. pulled out all the stops for the 10 a.m. Thursday opening of its new store in the Prudential Center, where hundreds had gathered in anticipation of the event.

As a DJ blasted club music, a tarp fell away to reveal dozens of employees in brightly colored shirts jumping and waving. As the crowd pushed in, they were greeted with high-fives from the enthusiastic young staff, some of whom had been flown in from a New Jersey Microsoft store to help with the opening day crowd.

Microsoft also used the occasion to unveil a new corporate logo, a clean, squared-off take on its classic four-tone Windows logo.

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Long lines stretched through the shopping center in the hours before the opening, and a few even said they had been waiting since Wednesday night. But that loyalty, often associated with bitter rival Apple Inc., was often inspired by the promise of Lenny Kravitz tickets and other freebies being given away Thursday, those in line said.

Revere native Marjorie Doirin, 17, said she had waited since 5 a.m. for a chance to meet Lenny Kravitz at a concert. She got her wish, and a free XBox to boot.

“I’ve never seen a Microsoft store before, so I was just like, ‘oooh,’ “ she said, describing her reaction to the unveiling. “It’s awesome.”