Schilling on 38 Studios employees: `I failed them’

On the day he was preparing to join the Red Sox Hall of Fame’s Class of 2012, former pitcher Curt Shilling was once again faced with questions about the demise of his Rhode Island video game company, 38 Studios.

“I had a family of 400 people that I was responsible for and I failed them,” Schilling said Friday during a press conference at Fenway Park prior to the induction ceremony. “I took a shot and tried to create something world-changing, and it didn’t work out. I gave it everything I had, literally, and now I’m just trying to manage day-by-day.”

Financial troubles at Schilling’s company—which was lured from Massachusetts by a $75 million loan guarantee backed by Rhode Island taxpayers —became public in May when Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee said he was trying to find ways to keep 38 Studios solvent. Chafee said the company had failed to make a scheduled a $1.1 million payment on the loan.

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Less than two weeks later, 38 Studios laid off all 400 employees and eventually filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Federal and state law enforcement agencies are investigating whether there was any criminal wrongdoing involved in the company’s collapse.

Schilling has estimated he personally lost $50 million in the venture, and has blasted Chafee for making public comments that Schilling said scared off potential investors in 38 Studios. On Friday, however, he was more reflective.

‘It’s been hard, but life is hard,” he said. “This is not somebody else’s fault.”

Schilling added that he doesn’t dwell on whether his image has been tarnished because of the 38 Studios debacle.

“I can’t worry about people who are never going to meet me and what they might think of me,” he said. “It’s been challenging, it’s been tough, but my wife and my kids are healthy and I’m okay.”