Want to amp up your lobster roll? Infuse it with Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Some folks like their lobster rolls with butter. Others with mayonnaise. But soon there will be another option --- a lobster roll sublimed with a dash of Samuel Adams Summer Ale.

Boston Beer Co, the maker and marketer of the Samuel Adams brand, said Tuesday that “chef partner” David Burke has devised a new lobster roll treatment. This nugget of news was contained in a press release that noted that its signature beers are so versatile that they are ideal for either “pairing or cooking” with lobsters.

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In a statement, Samuel Adams brewer Jennifer Glanville was effusive in describing how Samuel Adams Summer Ale’s crisp wheat character nicely complements the sweet buttery taste of lobster.

‘‘What better way to celebrate summer’s arrival than to recruit our friend Chef David to help reinvent this New England dish for beer lovers across the country—and pair it with the ultimate summer beer,’’ Glanville said. ‘‘Lobster’s rich flavors are nicely balanced by the bright complexities of Samuel Adams Summer Ale. Squeezing fresh lemon juice on the lobster will also work perfectly with the citrus and malt flavors in the beer, adding a sweetness that works with the citrus acidity.’’