Some 38 Studios employees to be hired by Epic Games

Some of the employees laid off from Curt Schilling’s troubled 38 Studios LLC video game company received welcome news on Sunday.

Epic Games Inc. of North Carolina has agreed to hire many of the 100 people who worked for 38 Studios in suburban Baltimore, Md.—where Big Huge Games, which Schilling’s company acquired in 2009, had its headquarters.

38 Studios, based in Providence, R.I., laid off its entire staff of about 400 employees on May 24. “The way we see it, there’s been a big storm in Baltimore, and we’re taking in a few of the refugees,” said Michael Capps, president of Epic Games, in a statement posted on the company’s website on Sunday.

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Epic was approached last week by the former leadership of Big Huge Games about starting a company, and using Epic’s intellectual property as the foundation for a new video game, the statement said.

“In one of life’s coincidences, Epic’s directors had spent the morning discussing how we’d love to build even more successful projects with our growing team, but that we’d need a dramatic infusion of top talent to do so. Which, we all knew, was impossible,” Capps wrote. “So now we’re planning to start an impossible studio in Baltimore.”

The statement from Capps said many details remain to be worked out, including the number of 38 Studios employees Epic will hire.