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For Apple's new iMac, thin appears to be in

PARIS -- The latest computer in the iMac family literally puts Apple's trademark minimalism on a pedestal. The processor and drives are built into a sleek flat-panel display.

''A lot of people are going to be asking, 'Where did the computer go?' " said Apple Computer Inc. senior vice president Phil Schiller as he introduced the new iMac yesterday, the opening day of the Apple Expo in Paris.

The debut ended days of speculation about the launch, postponed once this year because of inadequate supplies of the G5 processors made by IBM Corp.

Available in 17-inch and 20-inch versions beginning in mid-September, the new iMac looks like a 2-inch-thick monitor.

Inside, however, is a large hard drive, 256 megabytes of memory and an ultra-fast processor of the kind reserved until now for Apple's professional Power Mac desktops. CDs or DVDs disappear into the side of the white panel, as they are fed into a drive behind the screen.

Schiller said the basic 17-inch model, with a 1.6 gigahertz processor and 80 gigabyte hard drive, would be on sale at $1,299.

That matches the price tag of the first iMac model that sold 6 million units after its 1998 introduction. Apple said the new top-end iMac, with a 1.8 gigahertz processor, 20-inch screen, and 160 gigabyte hard drive, will go on sale at $1,899.

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