New Phone Device Will Let You Smell Pictures

Screenshot from an oPhone commericial with French subtitles.
Screenshot from an oPhone commericial with French subtitles.

Do you send your friends and family pictures of your meals to make them jealous? Do you use Instagram to show off that fancy dinner you just made? Well, now, you can send a smell along with that feast for the eyes.

Vapor Communications, owned by Harvard engineering professor David Edwards, just announced the release of the oPhone and the app that goes with it, called oSnap, according to Boston Magazine.

oSnap will allow users to “tag their photographs with unique scents, which can then be forwarded and received via email, Facebook, and Twitter in select hotspots where an oPhone is present,” Boston Magazine said. The messages sent are called oNotes, the “o” standing for olfactory.

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According to the oPhone website, there are currently two hot spotswhere oPhones work: One in Paris and another in New York. More are expected to come soon.

The oPhone sits on a desk or table and has two cartridges called oChips that you can smell out of, according to Wired.

For now, The Daily Mailreports there are 32 smells to choose from and they can be combined to form 300,000 different possibilities.

According to Boston Magazine, an Indiegogo campaignwas launched to raise $150,000 to bring these oPhones to the general public.

The Idiegogo site said that people who donate get to attend a launch party in Paris, and get a reduced price on the oPhone (149 dollars instead of 199 dollars, which is what the commercial price will be) and free shipping.

There will be a hotspot oPhone in Cambridge, Mass., soon, so you can go smell your messages there until 2015, when they are likely to be released to the general public, Boston Magazine said.

“Scent is the world’s natural tweet, because it takes just a few seconds to get a sent,” Professor Edwards said, according to The Daily Mail.