Burlington-Based Nuance Has Reportedly Explored Sale

NEWTON , Ma. 02/ 07/ 11:Dr. Michael A. Lee (cq) using Dragon Medical voice recognition software. Dr. Lee uses voice recognition software to enter his notes after seeing a patient. He wears a bluetooth headset and speaks to his laptop. Speech recognition firm Nuance, in Burlington, has discovered a new growth area for its technology: physicians who are using the dictation software to speed their interactions with the many electronic medical forms they have to fill out. ( David L Ryan, globe staff ) SECTION: BUSINESS SLUG 14nuance REPORTER DC Denison
NEWTON , Ma. 02/ 07/ 11:Dr. Michael A. Lee, in Newton, using Nuance’s Dragon voice recognition software.
David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe

The Wall Street Journal reports Burlington-based speech recognition software company Nuance Communications has explored a sale.

The article says the company has been in talks with Samsung. Its technology is already incorporated into several Samsung products. The technology also helps to power Siri, the personal assistant and voice recognition program employed by Samsung’s arch nemesis Apple. Though Samsung and Apple very publicly don’t get along, Samsung has historically manufactured some of the components of Apple’s products.

Nuance is also behind the consumer-facing Dragon voice recognition software.

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The Journal is decidedly vague about details, saying it’s unclear where talks stand. But investors seemed happy with the news, with Nuance shares bouncing around 10 percent after the Journal published its report this afternoon. Prior to the report, the market valued the company at about $5.5 billion.