E-mail apps galore

Mailbox mail app for iPhone

Free at Apple App Store

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Pro: Simple, clean “swipe” interface makes it easy to sort and manage e-mail. “Later” feature instantly saves mail for viewing at specific times.

Con: Works only with Google’s GMail, for now and no Android version yet. Address book doesn’t display photos.

Sparrow mail app for iPhone

$2.99 at Apple App Store

Pro: Swipe interface simlar to Mailbox but supports multiple e-mail services. Optional Facebook link allows addition of photos to address book.

Con: Lacks feature for later viewing. Less-attractive user interface. Doesn’t support Microsoft Exchange e-mail. No Android version.

Emoze Secure Push Mail for Android

Free at Google Play store

Pro: Attractive user interface provides quick access. Supports many e-mail services,. Includes security features that allow remote deletion of data when phone is lost.

Con: Lacks a swipe interface and later viewing of e-mails.