Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg headed back to Harvard to speak Wednesday

Fresh from Facebook Inc.’s record-setting initial public offering, the company’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, is to speak at Harvard Business School Wednesday.

Sandberg is expected to be in Cambridge to deliver the Class Day keynote speech for graduating students ahead of Harvard University’s commencement exercises Thursday. She graduated from Harvard Business School in 1995 and earned her undergraduate degree in economics from Harvard in 1991.

A Harvard Business spokeswoman said she wasn’t sure what Sandberg will be talking about, but the social network’s $16 billion Wall Street debut should give her plenty of material. Despite all the excitement around Facebook’s offering, its stock hasn’t taken off like many expected. On Monday, it closed at $34.03, down almost $4 from its initial $38 price.

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Facebook’s second-in-command is a former Google Inc. executive and came to Boston earlier this month as part of the social network’s pre-IPO “roadshow” presentation for potential investors.

Michael B. Farrell