Wanted: Old, outrageous Polaroids

Polaroid is winding down its film business, making relics of those famous white-framed photos. To mark the occasion, we're calling on readers to e-mail scanned or digital images of their wacky, old, and memorable Polaroids.

Send your images to photos@boston.com, with "Polaroid" in the subject line. Please include:

1. Your full name
2. Your phone number and e-mail address (for confirmation purposes only)
3. Your town
4. The story behind the photo — what's happening and who's pictured? When was it taken?

The most interesting ones will be featured on Boston.com.

Polaroid callout
By submitting your photo(s) to Boston.com, you agree that such photo(s) and the accompanying information will become the property of Boston.com and you grant Boston.com, The Boston Globe, Boston Metro and their sublicensees permission to publicly display, reproduce and use the photographs in any form or media for any and (all editorial and related promotional purposes) purposes.. You also warrant that (i) the photo is your original work, or is properly licensed, and does not violate the copyright or any other personal or property right of any third party, and (ii) you have obtained any and all releases and permissions necessary for our intended use. Your submission also allows Boston.com to edit, crop or adjust the colors of the image(s) on an as needed basis.