Local companies go for Olympic gold

August 7

Chinese officials shop Bay State for Olympic safety-testing devices

Scientific instruments maker PerkinElmer Inc. is deploying its mass spectrometers to a Beijing lab to detect pesticides and some contaminants in food served during the Olympic Games.
Staples in China
july 29

Staples has a Games plan

Howie Wu will finally breathe a sigh of relief when Olympic judges go to work next week, resting their elbows on sleek gray tables and sitting in blue-cushion chairs from Staples.
Reebok in China
july 13

In China, banking on Yao factor

The sneaker wars have spread to China, and Reebok, having neglected the market for years, is playing a furious game of catch-up with the help of the world's tallest marketing weapon: basketball star Yao Ming.
Tyson Gay
june 28

Firms see gold in US sprinter - June 28

Tyson Gay has lined up more than $2 million in endorsements from the likes of Adidas, Omega, and Sega, which are betting big on the track star.
june 18

New plays for the Games

Bank of America, which has been a US Olympic Team sponsor since 1992, is just one of a handful of local companies hoping their marketing pitches will seep through the clutter during the Olympics.
june 9

Akamai will help distribute Olympic news online

Akamai Technologies Inc. announced that its Web Application Accelerator service will be used to enable faster accessibility to Olympic-related news coming from China.
may 14

Reebok scales back Olympic hospitality

Reebok and parent Adidas Group, one of the Olympic sponsors, are dropping plans for a hospitality facility to host athletes, guests, and the media at the summer games in Beijing because of logistical demands made by the Chinese government.