Calling all shoppers who use Twitter is looking for shoppers to give us Twitter or phone dispatches from the ground on Black Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

If you plan to hit stores and malls on Friday, Nov. 26, and want to participate in our live coverage, we want to hear from you. Just email the following information:

1. Your name
2. E-mail address
3. Phone number (for contact purposes only)
4. Twitter account name (if you have one)
5. Your town
6. Where you plan to shop

If you're selected, we'll contact you with details.

Note: Entrants must be age eighteen (18) or older, and can't be employees of any store, mall, or retail center.
Black Friday

Black Friday live chat - How to participate

Welcome to's Black Friday shopping chat. We'd like to get your reports, opinion, and more, as you set out on Black Friday, Nov. 26, to do your holiday shopping. Join and Boston Globe business staff to get the latest updates from around the region.

There are several ways to join in the conversation:

  • Tweet your reports

    Send updates from your Twitter account simply by using the Hashtag: #bdcblackfriday or #bdcbf
  • Call us

    Call 617-929-8219 and leave your report or thoughts on our Black Friday line.
  • Text us

    Text the word TIP followed by your observations to 267866 from your mobile phone. (Message and Data rates may apply; text HELP for help.)
  • Send photos

    Send pics from local shopping areas. E-mail them to
  • Just join the chat

    Send in your comments and questions using the chat form to the left. You also have the option to login using your FaceBook, Twitter, or MySpace account to have your picture show. Thanks for joining us!