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Track and report gasoline prices in Massachusetts

Let us know how much gas costs where you are, see the lowest prices reported in Greater Boston, browse a map of area gas prices, and track the changes in average prices across the state over the past two years.
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Enter the dollar amount in the box next to the 9 (the 9 is the 9/10 of a cent each station charges per gallon). If you're unsure of an address, use the map below, or use a search engine to pinpoint the address.
Boston Gas Prices provided by
Lowest Gas Prices in Boston
Boston Gas Prices provided by

Map: Gas prices in Greater Boston

Boston Gas Prices provided by
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Graphic: Gasoline price trends

Note: Data is from the US Energy Information Administration, except the most recent week of data, which is from AAA Southern New England.
Daigo Fujiwara, James Abundis/ Globe Staff