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Globe investigation finds widespread seafood mislabeling

Accountability lost in murky supply chain

Accountability lost in murky supply chain

The Union Oyster House is among several restaurants that blame North Coast, one of the region’s biggest seafood suppliers, for promising one kind of fish but delivering another.
10 seafood substitutions

10 seafood substitutions

DNA testing found that these restaurants mislabeled fish in 2011 and 2012.
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Markey introduces revamped bill to fight fish fraud

US Representative and Senate candidate Ed Markey Wednesday introduced a new version of bill to combat seafood fraud by tracking fish from a boat to a diner’s plate.

Mass. would levy fines, ban ‘ex-lax fish’ under mislabeling law

Massachusetts would levy fines on supermarkets and restaurants that mislabel seafood and become the first state in the nation to ban the sale of escolar.

Supermarket frozen fish often has excess water, Globe review finds

A survey of 43 seafood samples from supermarkets across Massachusetts showed about 1 in 5 glazed with ice weighed less than the net weight stated on the label, which is supposed to exclude packaging and glaze.

Scrutiny vowed on fish labeling

State officials say they will improve oversight of seafood sales in Massachusetts after the results of a Globe investigation published this week.

From sea to sushi bar, a system open to abuse

The rampant mislabeling of fish that consumers buy can be largely traced to this: the lack of anything like the regulations imposed on meat suppliers.

On the menu, but not on your plate

A Globe investigation found fish bought at restaurants across the region was mislabeled about half the time. Sometimes it was innocent error, but often the switch was deliberate, driven by profits.

Bertucci’s tries to right a wrong

The story of how hake ended up as cod on the menu at 94 Bertucci’s restaurants is not unusual.

DNA results find fish mislabeling continues at Mass. restaurants

A year after a Globe investigation revealed that merchants routinely sold customers cheaper, lower quality fish than promised, a new round of DNA testing shows that many of these establishments are continuing to serve mislabeled seafood.
Pacific cod vs. Atlantic cod

Pacific cod vs.
Atlantic cod

A much higher price tag is not the only thing that sets the Atlantic cod apart from the Pacific variety.

Search restaurant, store testing results

The Boston Globe hired the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario at the University of Guelph to test the DNA of fish to determine their species.

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