Economy in crisis


Milestones in the Dow's decline
Milestones in the Dow's decline
Here is a look at when - and how - the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell below some key milestone numbers.
After you've been laid off
Steps to take after a layoff
There are practical things you can do to land back on your feet. Here are seven places to start.
Helping kids understand your finances
Talking to kids about money
You can't shield children from economic hard times, but you can reassure them.
Easing sting of taxes
Ease the sting of taxes
There are tax provisions that can lessen the pain of an economic downturn.

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What will the stimulus do for you?

There's almost something for everyone in the $787 billion stimulus package that President Barack Obama signed into law. So what can you expect?

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Fed must reassure markets on inflation

The Financial Times' Martin Feldstein writes about easing investors’ fears.

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