The credit crisis

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Dow falls 733 on economy woes

Dow falls 733 points
Investors sold in reaction to a drop in retail sales and a report that said that tight credit markets were hurting businesses. The Dow had its second-largest point loss.

Nations act, markets soar

Stocks rocketed out of the doldrums on Monday, shaking off eight days of losses as officials in the United States and Europe took steps to bolster their banking systems.

Government intervention

Industry shakeout

Washington Mutual

WaMu is biggest U.S. bank failure

One of the nation's largest banks — Washington Mutual Inc.— has collapsed under the weight of its enormous bad bets on the mortgage market.

Wells Fargo agrees to buy Wachovia

Wells Fargo would buy Wachovia in an $15.1 billion all-stock deal. Citigroup, who had planned to buy Wachovia with the help of the FDIC, is demanding that Wells Fargo adhere to the terms of its earlier deal.

Consumer impact