The Boston Globe covers BIO 2007, the world's largest biotech conference
Gov. Deval Patrick at BIO 2007

Biotech plan may top peers'

Governor Deval Patrick's proposal to inject $1 billion into medical research and biotechnology could also be more flexible and cost effective than competing plans in California and other states.
Aerial shot of Kendall Square
Local lab
Biotech workers
  • Help wanted
    When Jennifer Buell went hunting for a job, she expected the search to take awhile.
  • The gender gap
    A small group of scholars studying women in biotech has stumbled on a surprise.
  • After hours
    Kendall Square's bars and lunch spots catering to the biotech set.
discovery to patient
Virginia Najarian, who takes Velcade

Velcade: A case study

"What if we fail?’’ a colleague asked chemist Julian Adams as they ate lunch in the offices of ProScript Inc. in October 1998.
Conference coverage
Scenes from BIO 2007