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Presidents' Day sales: Things to consider

It’s the first big shopping event since the holidays, and Presidents’ Day is a great time to take advantage of all the big sales out there.

Personal finance analyst Jessica Patel, of, said this is the perfect time to shop for bedding, mattresses, and linens, as well as winter apparel and even some furniture.

“The main tip I would offer is don’t overspend around Presidents’ Day just because there are sales going on,” she said. “Stick to things that are going to be on sale and known to be on sale.”

Jewelry is one thing that people will have trouble finding good deals on, Patel said. But although Valentine’s Day is over and sale signs will be posted, she explained that jewelry prices likely won’t drop drastically.

Patel said that if you are working on paying off debt from holiday purchases and don’t really need the things listed above, staying home might be the best option for you.

“Unless you desperately need new sheets or a new mattress I would shy away from going out to the stores,” she said. “There will be another sale coming up in a couple of months.”

But if you are venturing out for a certain product, remember to do some comparison shopping online before hitting the store.

The biggest downside to shopping online for linens is that you lose the chance to feel the material before buying it, she added.

And although there won’t be the mass hysteria that you see surrounding Black Friday or other big shopping days, Patel recommends doing your shopping earlier in the day to ensure the products you want will be in stock.

The last thing to remember is that if you have specific stores you plan to visit, make sure its sales are going on throughout the weekend, and not just on Monday.

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