Managing Your Money

How much are you supposed to tip?

A 15 percent tip used to be a standard to leave for a waiter. Then came the stand 20 percent. Now a New York Post article is suggesting 25 percent is the new normal.

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According to the article:

Michael Lynn, a professor of consumer behavior at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration who studies tipping, keeps tabs on the way expected gratuities trend upward over time. An obvious example is the slow shift that’s brought the 20 percent restaurant tip from a generous outlier to the expected standard.

Lynn recently studied some 9,000 credit card receipts from a restaurant in Poughkeepsie, NY, and found that more than a third of customers — 37 percent — left a tip greater than 20 percent, suggesting that the journey northward from that standard is already in progress.

Think $25 is too much for a good $100 meal? How about a $4 for a good $20 pizza and beer combo?

The Post's story dealt primarily with food tipping. If your curious about other industries, check out our cheat sheet on other industries like hotel staff and travel help.

So what do you think? Are we tipping too much these days?

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