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Using social media to get tax information

The IRS has several social media and mobile technology tools that allow taxpayers to receive tax information including tax refund information. Here are the tools offered by the IRS.

IRS2Go – This is a mobile app that allows you to get information about your tax refund status as well as tax tips and updates to help you plan and prepare your tax return. This app is available for Apple and Android devices (i.e., iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android mobile devices).

YouTube - The IRS has its own YouTube channel that provides short videos with helpful tax information. These videos are available in English, American Sign Language, and a variety of foreign languages.

* IRS Videos –
* American Sign Language Videos –
* Multilingual Videos –

Twitter – You can follow the IRS on Twitter for tax-related announcements, news for tax professionals, and hiring initiatives.

* @IRSnews ( IRS news and helpful information for the public, the press and practitioners.

* @IRStaxpros ( IRS news and guidance for tax professionals.

* @IRSenEspanol ( News and information in Spanish from IRS.

* @RecruitmentIRS ( IRS Human Capital Office

* @YourVoiceatIRS ( Taxpayer Advocate Service

Audio Podcasts
- The IRS has created audio podcasts with information on tax related topics. These audio files are available through iTunes and on the IRS web site at,,id=179391,00.html.

Keep in mind that the IRS intends for these tools to be used for information purposes only. You should not post any confidential information such as your Social Security number or tax identification number on these sites.

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