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When the major retailers are opening on Black Friday

Black Friday is only a few days away, and this year, many retailers are opening earlier than ever before. Below is a list of when some of the major retailers are planning to open.

Old Navy - Opens 9 a.m. Thursday, midnight Friday

Toys R Us - Opens midnight

Wal-Mart - Opens 4 a.m.

Kohl's - Opens 3 a.m. (except Mansfield store, which opens at 8 a.m.)

Sears - Opens 4 a.m.

Macy's - Opens 4 a.m.

J.C. Penney - Opens 4 a.m.

Target - 4 a.m.

Best Buy - Opens 5 a.m.

GameStop - Opens 5 a.m.

K-Mart - Opens 5 a.m.

Home Depot - Opens 5 a.m.

Dick's Sporting Goods - Opens 5 a.m.

Sports Authority - Opens 5 a.m.

Lowe's - Opens 6 a.m.

Radio Shack - Opens 5:30 a.m.

Staples - Opens 6 a.m.

Office Depot - Opens 6 a.m.

Bass Pro Shops - Opens 6 a.m.

OfficeMax - Opens 7 a.m.

Correction: This blog originally stated that Toys R Us is opening at 10 p.m. Thursday. However, because of state restrictions in Massachusetts, the store is opening at midnight. Also, do to Massachusetts laws, Wal-Mart is opening in Mass. stores at 4 a.m. instead of midnight.

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