Meals Tax Holiday Proposed for Mass. State Budget

Quincy, MA--10/25/2012 Peter Dawson Sr., (cq) owner/operator of the Lobster Stop with a bin of fresh lobsters that he pulled from his trap earlier in the day at the Lobster Stop on Thursday October 25, 2012 (Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff) Topic: 31cheap Reporter: Bela English
A fresh catch of lobsters at the Lobster Stop in Quincy. The clawed crustacean is generally a pricy meal and diners could stand to save during a proposed meal tax holiday.
Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

Do you live in Massachusetts? Do you generally get hungry any time between July 27 and July 31? If you answered yes to both of those questions, get excited! A new amendment submitted to the Massachusetts state budget is proposing a tax holiday for meals during that four-day period.

The Restaurant and Business Alliance has bipartisan support for their proposal, which was submitted on Friday. State Representatives Keiko Orrall and Stephen L. DiNatale are the amendment’s sponsors.

“Hospitality provides 300,000 jobs in our state,” RABA president Dave Andleman said in a press release announcing the amendment. “Let’s give these hard-working people and small, local owners some help.”

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To be fair, taxes on meals in the Bay State only get as high as 7 percent, so you’re not saving a ton of money here (unless you're splurging on lobster or steak). But if you’re a considerate diner who passes off your savings to the waitstaff, that will make a real difference over the course of four nights, and that is definitely a good thing.