Market Basket Managers Inquiring About Part-Timers’ Availability to Work

With a possible deal lined up for Arthur T. Demoulas to buy Market Basket and return as CEO, some managers are calling their part-timers to ask about returning to work.

The Boston Herald reported that managers are reaching out to part-time employees who had their hours eliminated to see if they are available to return if a deal is completed. One bakery clerk told the paper that she was asked about coming in as soon as Monday or Tuesday, should the two sides of the Demoulas family reach an agreement.

That seemed like a very real possibility Sunday night, when Market Basket’s board of directors had scheduled a 10 p.m. meeting, presumably to discuss Arthur T. Demoulas $1.5 billion offer. But before 7 p.m., the meeting was canceled—likely indicating the company’s shareholders have not yet agreed to all terms.

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According to the report, the calls some managers are making are not an indication that the deal is done. Instead, it appears to be that managers are simply being prepared should a deal fall into place.

“If this thing does break — and it had seemed optimistic, as of Friday anyway — these guys need to be ready,” former Market Basket grocery supervisor Tom Trainor, who was among those fired on July 20 for helping organize employee protests, told The Herald.