Market Basket Job Fairs Enter Third Day

Another day, another job fair.

Market Basket is going to hold its third day of job fairs at an Andover Market Basket facility today—the latest attempt by the new CEOs to get the supermarket chain up and running again.

The fairs began Monday and until now have targeted internal Market Basket employees ready to move up the ranks of the company.

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Only a few people have attended the fairs over the last two days and the ones who showed up were jeered by protesters.

Although it seems unlikely that more applicants will emerge from the woodwork, today marks the first fair that aims to attract outside job applicants—a change that may increase attendance.

The job fairs began after Market Basket CEOs released a statement last week demanding that the associates and warehouse workers who walked off the job return to work on Monday. The CEOs subsequently announced that they would hold job fairs to replace the vacated positions.

As protests enter a third week, organizers have sharply rebuked the CEOs for holding the fairs, suggesting that the company is simply trying to intimidate supporters of the ousted president.

“This Job Fair/Farce is simply a tactic to scare current associates that are off the job,” they wrote on the Save Market Basket facebook page.

Organizers have also claimed the low attendance thus far as a victory for supporters of the ousted CEO.

“No self respecting current MB associate is going to go to the fair and try to take another associate’s position,” they wrote.

Those victory cries may be overblown. The CEOs announced Monday afternoon that they would also accept applications for vacated positions through email due to concerns about intimidation. They also suggested that demand for the vacated positions is far higher than it appears.

“We have heard from many associates who are interested in applying for internal positrons, but are concerned for their safety if they attend the scheduled Job Fair,” Market Basket management said in a statement.

Supporters of Arthur T. Demoulas have rebuked the idea that they would descend to violence to prevent job seekers from filing applications.

“We fully understand that people may go to Andover to apply for jobs with our company,” organizers wrote on the Save Market Basket page. “We want every single one of them to know that while we will be there protesting, they have no reason to fear for their well-being.”

Today’s job fair starts at 1 p.m. and lasts until 8 p.m.