Market Basket Cuts Off Pay to Protesters; Fired Workers Plan Lawsuit

Some senior-level employees at Market Basket have received a letter saying they will not be paid for the month of August if they do not show up to work on Monday, The Boston Globe reports.

A copy of the form letter from co-CEOs James Gooch and Felicia Thornton obtained by the Globe from district supervisor Bob Medeiros said that he would not be paid "due to [his] ongoing failure to report to work and unwillingness to perform any services for the company."

But Medeiros says he's been doing his job as best he can, visiting stores to keep morale up and make sure produce workers were keeping busy despite having nothing to sell. Although he said he normally works out of the company's Andover warehouse for two days every week, he thought the office was closed to employees.

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Read the full Globe report, including the full letter, here.

Thornton and Gooch have asked employees to return to work by Monday, a notion that would mostly target workers at the company’s Tewksbury headquarters and its warehouses, as most store employees and managers have still been reporting for their shifts throughout recent events. The CEOs have said employees can return to work without being penalized for their participation in ongoing protests against the firing of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas, who is attempting to buy the company.

Job fairs for management positions are scheduled for next week.

On Thursday, the attorneys general of both Massachusetts and New Hampshire sent a letter to the CEOs, reminding them of the states’ employment laws, particularly with regard to wages owed to fired employees.

A group of management-level employees who were fired on July 20 are claiming they were wrongfully terminated, in part because they were not given “a full accounting of their vested profit sharing plan(s),” according to a letter sent to the CEOs by an attorney for the employees that signaled legal action.

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