All the Lonely Food at Market Basket

Maria Arvarado, of Haverhill, Mass. finds empty produce bins as she shops at Market Basket in Haverhill, Thursday, July 24, 2014. Arthur T. Demoulas, the former chief executive of the Market Basket supermarket chain whose ouster has led to employee protests, customer boycotts and empty shelves, says he wants to buy the entire company. (AP Photo)

With Market Basket’s upper management in crisis, its employees protesting outside, and customers boycotting the grocery chain until ex-CEO Arthur “Artie T.” Demoulas regains his title, the stores’ shelves have become bare. Mostly.

Despite Market Basket’s comparatively cheap produce prices that had made the place so popular, a few fruits and vegetables have been left to languish on the shelves, alone and unwanted.

Unloved peppers:

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Lonesome oranges:

Rejected banana:

Solitary melon:

Sad salads:

Antisocial artichokes:

Companionless Chinese flat cabbage:

Salsa that doesn’t actually belong in this aisle:

I think those are potatoes?